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College seniors prepare for final football season at IMG Academy

QB Dan Burkett

In order to prepare for their final seasons, two college seniors, Dan Burkett and Carlos Ware, have opted to spend the last few weeks of their summers training at IMG Academy's world-class facility in Bradenton, Fla.

As starting QB for Washington University in St. Louis, Burkett spent years relying on his natural ability and athleticism to pursue a career in football. But as a senior and leader for his team, Burkett looked to the coaches and staff at IMG Academy to enhance his mechanics and reinforce the fundamentals to improve his overall game.

"For years I was just relying on stuff I've learned from other camps or from my dad," Burkett said. "But I came to IMG Academy in the spring to improve my mechanics andin those two days, I greatly improved my throwing. So I decided to come for some time this summer to become more fundamentally-sound before camp starts."

The Washington University Bears will play their first game of the season on Friday, Aug. 31 against number #1 ranked Wisconsin-Whitewater. Although UW-Whitewater holds the record for the longest winning streak of any NCAA division football team, Burkett and his coaches at IMG Academy have been preparing him mentally and physically for the game.

"It's a big game but I feel a lot more confident in my throw," said Burkett.

Joining Burkett at IMG Academy is senior and defensive end Carolos Ware. As an incoming senior for Kentucky State, Ware has spent three weeks working with IMG Academy defensive end coach, Tom Pratt,to prepare for his last season with theThoroughbreds.

"I've been learning something new every week, like, most recently, turning my hips more," said Ware. "Being here keeps me in rhythm. It gets me ready for the season."

In addition to on-the-field training, Ware participated in a dedicated strength and movement program with IMG Academy Head of Physical conditioning, Scott Gadeken.

With all the work put in on and off the field, Ware anticipates a great season with hopes of doubling his stats from last year.

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