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Nick's Picks - US Open Quarterfinals

Stanislas Wawrinka VS Novak Djokovic

Wawrinka has one of the most outstanding one-handed backhands on the tour. He is strong, physically fit, and is a big server with a huge forehand.

Djokovic is on a roll in so many ways, I can go this way and that way but cannot find a technique failure or a movement breakdown.

Nick's Pick - Please this is not a put down of Wawrinka but this match goes to Novak.

Juan Martin Del Potro VS Andy Roddick

This will be a must watch match. Why so?

Andy is definitely on the move, winning the respect of not only the players but also so many fans. Del Potro is back, his wrist problem is back to what it used to be, enabling him to come forward and make contact with the ball when it is shoulder high (this shot catches the opponent off guard).

The difference in this match is very simple: The serves from both players will make a huge difference. Keep in mind that once the rally begins, Del Potro is darn good.

Nick's Pick - Once again, the NY fans can make a difference but Andy must come out with guns firing from both sides or he goes down tonight.

Maria Sharapova VS Marion Bartoli

Bartoli is very different including hitting with both hands from both sides. She stands on the baseline and is not afraid to put it to you.

Sharapova was put to the test against Petrova but came back swinging after the rain delay. Many people, including myself, think the rain delay saved Maria.

Nick's Pick - Maria cannot have too many let downs vs. Bartoli, who is the sort of irritating player but who's results make you watch out. Edge goes to Sharapova.

Victoria Azarenka VS Sam Stosur

Azarenka is a super girl and a super competitive player. She can do just about everything including staring you down after a long, grueling rally. Yes she is a little noisy when hitting the ball but its rather rappy at times which causes some disturbance. I can write so much more but I will close it out by saying one simple word: Power.

When you talk about being fit, this lady is the specimen of wow-wow. She must go for very aggressive serves, go for winning forehands and change the pace by long hitting long, biting slices.

Nick's Pick - Stosur will put up a fight but the victory goes to Azarenka.

Quarterfinals - Day 2

Roberta Vinci VS Sara Errani

Rather than going into their individual games I will say this- both have excellent foot speed and touch. They both know each other very well. Not easy for either one. Will show that friendship will be there before during an after but will be competitive friendship. This match can go either way, not sure which player will be more competitive emotionally than the other.

Ana Ivanovic VS Serena Williams

Ana has beautiful strokes and moves well. Gotten a lot more offensive. Does everything quite well, putting more UMPH into her ground strokes

I Could write colums on Serena, biggest serve and biggest forehand. Match will be dictated by Serena. Will have to be a Meltdown for Serena to lose. Nothing against Ana

Roger Federer VS Tomas Berdych

Berdych was always considered one ofhe future stars. He is solid from all departments. Much stronger emotionally. Techniques are superb.

What else to say about Federer. Backhands are more aggressive. He is comingin alot more. Comes up with big serves when needed.

Berdych will have to get outof his comfort zone and go for more aggressive shots. Match goes to Fed.

Andy Murray VS Marin Cilic

Cilic was also one of the group that was one to win in the future. Big, strong and much more consistent with his ground strokes. Very dangerous.

Fortunately for Andy he is one of the best returners, moving unbelievable. Much moreaggressive. Not hesitant to come to net where he has great hands.

This match will be determined by service returns of Andy Murray. If they break down this match can go either way.

David Ferrer VS Janko Tipsarevic

Janko is a super actor that could play any role in any movie. He wears his Oakleys at all times even when he is sleeping. He is one heck of a doubles player and can do whatever has to be done. Ferrer is not big by size but be careful because he can run down balls no matter where they land. He also has a solid serve and fantastic ground strokes.

This match can go either way but the longer the match goes it will favor Ferrer. A quick match favors Janko.

Juan Martin Del Potro Vs Novak Djokovic

Del Potro can do just about everything but if he plays 8 to 10 feet behind the baseline like he did the first 2 sets against Roddick it will come back to bite him. Djokovic has rolled along with 0 trouble. This can be a positive or it can be a negative.

Del Potro has darn good strokes including coming forward into the court taking the ball very early. He must do this in order to have a chance to gain the victory here. Del Potro has a huge serve but Djokovic is a super returner.

Nick's Pick - I give this match to Djokovic

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