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September Recruiting Tips by NCSA Athletic Recruiting

Are you meeting the academic requirements to play in college?

NCAA Academic Rules Refresher

The NCAA Eligibility Center verifies the academic and amateur status of all student-athletes who wish to compete in Division I or II athletics. College-bound student-athletes, who want to practice, compete and receive athletically related financial aid during their first year at a Division I or II school need to meet the following requirements:

Graduate from high school.

Complete a minimum of 16 core courses for Division I or 14 core courses for Division II.

After August 1, 2013, student-athletes who wish to compete at Division II institutions must complete 16 core courses.

Earn a minimum required grade-point average in core courses.

Earn a qualifying test score on either the ACT or SAT.

Request final amateurism certification from the NCAA Eligibility Center.

For Division I student-athletes who will enroll in August 2016 and later, the requirements to compete in the first year will change. In addition to the above standards, prospects must:

Earn at least a 2.3 grade-point average in core courses.

Meet an increasedsliding-scalestandard

Example: an SAT score of 1,000 requires a 2.5 high school core course GPA.

Successfully complete 10 of the 16 total required core courses before the start of their senior year in high school.

Seven of the 10 courses must be successfully completed in English, math and science.

Prospects that earn between a 2.0 and 2.3 GPA and meet the current sliding scale standard (for example, an SAT score of 1,000 requires a 2.025 high school core course GPA) will be eligible for practice and athletically related financial aid but not competition.

NCAA Articles

Academic concerns could relax DI recruiting rules

Division I is considering loosening some recruiting rules to allow coaches to communicate in writing with prospects as young as eighth grade - but only on the subject of the new academic standards for DI student-athletes.

Executive Committee paves way for Simon Fraser to be NCAA's first international member

Simon Fraser University of Burnaby, B.C., effectively was approved as the NCAA's first international member…

DI SAAC weighs in on rules changes

The SAAC is also supportive of strengthening the academic rules and regulations, including strengthening progress-toward-degree requirements. Salamone said the group wants to reinforce the idea that “student” comes before “athlete.”

Rules changes will affect fall sports

As NCAA teams prepare to start in-season competition this fall, fans will see several rules changes in football, men's and women's soccer, women's volleyball, field hockey, and men's water polo.


Division I


Quiet Period, except for below:

42 evaluation days (54 for U.S. service academies) (see Bylaw during the months of September, October and November, (not to exceed a period of 42 days) selected at the discretion of the institution and designated in writing in the office of the director of athletics; authorized off-campus recruiters shall not visit a prospective student-athlete's educational institution on more than one calendar day during this period: Evaluation Period

Men's Basketball:

September 1-8 Quiet Period

September 9-31 Recruiting Period

Women's Basketball:

September 1-15 Quiet Period

September 16-31 Contact Period

* September 28-30: Evaluations permitted at non-scholastic women's basketball events.

Men's Lacrosse:

Contact Period (No Evaluations)


September 1-13 Quiet Period

September 14-30 Contact Period

Cross Country/Track and Field, Softball, Volleyball, Women's Lacrosse:

Contact Period


2013 Grads (Seniors)

Division I: Men's Basketball - unlimited.

All Other Sports - once a week.

*Unlimited calls the day after the recruit signs the NLI, written offer of admission and/or financial aid: OR the day after the college received a financial deposit from you.

Division II/ III/ NAIA/ 2-year: All Sports - unlimited.

2014 Grads (Juniors)

Division I: Men's Ice Hockey - once a month.

Men's Basketball - unlimited.

Division II/ III/ NAIA/ 2-year: All Sports - unlimited.

2015 & 2016 Grads (Underclassman)

Division I/II: Not Allowed.

Division III/NAIA/2-year: All Sports - Unlimited.

IMPORTANT: During a contact period telephone contact may be made at the institutions discretion in the following sports:

Division I - Baseball, Softball , Cross Country/Track and Field, Men's Lacrosse, Women's Lacrosse, Women's Volleyball, and Women's Volleyball, Football, Men's Basketball and Women's Basketball

Division II - Football


Division I: Men's Basketball & Men's Ice Hockey- Allowed June 15th after sophomore year.

All Other Sports - Allowed September 1st of junior year.

Division II: All Sports - Allowed June 15th after sophomore year.

Division III/NAIA/2-year: All Grad Years, All Sports - Anytime.

Text Messages

Division I: Men's Basketball - Unlimited (June 15th after sophomore year).

Division II: All Sports - Unlimited (June 15th after sophomore year).

Division III/NAIA/2-year: All Grad Years, All Sports - Anytime.

NOTE: Some DIII/NAIA/2-year programs have institutional or conference rules prohibiting the college coach to make contact before the student-athletes senior year.

REMINDER: The student-athlete can call or email any coach at any time.


Track - distance runners should be running cross country in the fall. Otherwise, you should be a part of AAU to work on strength and skill development.

Softball/Baseball - should be playing fall ball and attending tournaments.

Swimmers - should be swimming year round.

Golfers - should be playing in tournaments year round. Need to qualify to play in national tournaments, like AJGA.

Tennis - should be playing in tournaments year round. Need to qualify for winter nationals.

Wrestling/Hockey - should be training for season.

Basketball - should be conditioning for practice in October.

Juniors and Underclassmen Visits - fall is a great time to get on campus to see the school in full swing. It is recommended to set unofficial visits at this time, as well as, throughout the year.

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