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IMG Academy's experts featured in NBC Universal's "Gatorade Inside Endurance" series

Gatorade has fueled IMG Academy student-athletes and trainees for years, along with being the home of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), opened in the fall of 2011. Located within the Center for Athletic Development, the GSSI was only the second such institute of its kind in the world. However, IMG Academy Athletic and Personal Development experts were featured on the NBC Universal Sport Network's special series, GatoradeInside Endurance. The three part series highlighted insights on the mental and physical components faced by endurance athletes from our experts Loren Seagrave, Director of Speed and Movement; and David Hesse, Assistant Director, Athletic and Personal Development.

All three episodes from NBC Universal can be viewed below...

Episode 1: PRIME

Episode 2: PERFORM

Episode 3: RECOVER

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