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Getting to know...Miami (Ohio) QB Zac Dysert

Miami (Ohio) QB Zac Dysert works with IMG Academy Director of Football, Chris Weinke

It’s been called “The World’s Toughest Job Interview.” For seven days at the NFL Combine (Feb. 20-26), college football’s best will be measured, interviewed, tested, watched and analyzed by countless NFL coaches, general managers and scouts prior to the NFL Draft. To prepare, more than three-dozen top prospects traveled to IMG Academy for six-plus weeks of position-specific skill-work, speed and movement, physical and mental conditioning, communications and leadership training, nutrition, vision training, sports medicine and more with world-renowned coaches and trainers.

Growing up 20 minutes from Ben Roethlisberger must have rubbed off on Miami (Ohio)’s quarterback, Zac Dysert. He’s only an inch shorter and a few pounds lighter at 6’4”, 230 lbs. A physical specimen, but it’s his arm that has him gearing up for the NFL Combine at IMG Academy. Coming from a smaller school, he’s enjoying every second and grateful for such an opportunity.  We sat down with Dysert and discussed his leadership through coaching turmoil, his experience at IMG Academy thus far, and what he wants to jump in a tank with before he dies.

Zac Dysert on…

…being a three-time captain

My job was more like making sure the team was staying together, with good camaraderie.  If there was ever a problem that came up, we wanted to deal with it sooner rather than later, so I made sure that happened. It was an honor for me, because it’s the players decide that, so for my players and friends to view me as leader was an incredible honor.

…favorite QB growing up and now?

Growing up I really liked Ben Roethlisberger; he was always my idol. I really started to like Matt Ryan a lot more as he developed at Boston College. I always followed him and especially  now with the Falcons.  I feel like I play a little like Matt Ryan and a little bit like Ben Roethlisberger because he is great at extending plays.

…his favorite sport growing up.

Hockey was definitely my favorite sport growing up. My high school was really small and didn’t have hockey. I thought about transferring but there was a new football coach my junior year that I loved playing for and stuck it out with football. Hockey made me definitely tougher and helped my balance.

…getting invited to play in the Senior Bowl

I’m looking forward to playing with those great guys on TV making plays every Saturday. Great coaches will be there. In my time at Miami I had 3 different coaches, 4 different coordinators, 4 different quarterback coaches, so it’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait to be challenged. It will be fun to play with those exciting players you watch make those amazing plays.

… being 20th overall in passing yards in the NCAA

I didn’t know that! We threw the ball a lot, but all the credit to my O-line and receivers. I did the easy thing. The O-line has the hardest job in the world and doesn’t get enough credit. I thank God everyday for putting me in the position I am.

…the NFL Draft

It’s an exciting process, and I don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s the crazy thing about the Draft. You hear all this stuff, and then one team picks someone that throws everybody off. I’m just putting it in God’s hands.

…IMG Academy

My agent actually told me about it. I had no idea a place like this existed. I came down here and fell in love with it. It’s just an awesome experience. Chris Weinke is the biggest highlight so far. He understands what I’m going through and knows how to prepare us the right way. He’s someone that’s going to challenge me every day. He’s not going to let me go through the motions and take a day off.

…what he has picked up from Coach Weinke

Mechanics. He’s a mechanical guy and the more I talk to him and more he teaches different skills on the field the more I understand how much that stuff actually means. Like getting your feet in the right position dictates the throw. I used to just worry about the ball and throw, never my feet. But he’s been teaching me it’s all about the feet.

…his favorite music artist

I like Mac Miller a lot. That was my first and only concert I’ve been too. I like Red Hot Chili Peppers a lot.

…what’s on his bucket list

I really want to sky dive!  And I really want to get in a shark tank! I always watch shark week, that’s what I look forward. I just think “That would be awesome!” My girlfriend just went skydiving and wants me to go. 

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