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“The Shot Doctor” makes a house call to IMG Academy

Players and coaches learn from "The Shot Doctor"

IMG Academy hosted Buzz Braman Tuesday morning as basketball players and coaches filled the gym. Braman, who is referred to as, “The Shot Doctor,” works with youth and professional NBA players on improving their shooting method. 

As a 13 year-old eighth grader shooting free-throws, Braman discovered that his shooting motion involved just five parts. Son of a federal judge, Braman’s logical mindset began focusing on those five parts and noticed his accuracy improved dramatically. Braman continued practicing what is now known as “The Braman Method” and once shot 738 free throws in a row, 1,121 out of 1,144 in an hour, and 246 out of 250 three pointers, making the first 92 consecutively. Braman’s method soon allowed him to become the first full time shooting coach in the NBA.

Kenny Natt, Director of Basketball at IMG Academy, has the ultimate goal of improving players and in order to do so he strives to provide the best instruction from every aspect of the game. Natt hopes to continue to bring in more specialists, helping to provide additional knowledge to both youth players and veteran coaches. With the mentality of always improving, the IMG Academy basketball players and coaches hope to take what they learned from The Shot Doctor to take their game and instruction to the next level. 

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