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Under Armour Women’s Camp Sweat gets underway at IMG Academy

Under Armour
The 20 Camp Sweat participants get to work with an intense dynamic warmup at IMG Academy's turf facility

Over the past 10 weeks, women from all over the United States took on a challenge, and began a journey with Under Armour Women’s What’s Beautiful initiative to redefine what it means to be a female athlete. This week, the top-20 women who answered the call arrived at IMG Academy to participate in Camp Sweat.

Camp Sweat is an intensive three-day fitness experience for the Round 1 and 2 winners who took on the challenge of redefining beauty among female athletes. They started Camp Sweat with comprehensive testing and evaluations to gauge their progress from the prior 10 weeks. The evaluations began with testing in the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI). They continued their day with a dynamic training session powered by Trigger Point Performance Therapy, and rounded things off with mental conditioning and leadership sessions with IMG Academy’s Athletic and Personal Development experts.

The 20 women who earned the opportunity to participate in Camp Sweat have been documenting their progress through social media. Along the way, they have responded to challenges and remained committed to their goals. They have also earned the distinction as Under Armour’s Motivational Champions, serving as role models for other women aiming to redefine beauty.

By participating in the camp, the ladies are also receiving the benefits of several other IMG Academy sponsors. They will experience free state-of-the-art laser leg alignment analysis and performance footwear solutions from ALINE; usage of the latest demo racquets from Prince for their tennis training session; and SPRI is providing each participant with a Tiger Tail, Braided Lateral Resistor and a Braided Xertube trainer.

Over the next two days, the ladies will go through intense weight room, and speed and movement sessions with IMG Academy’s Physical Conditioning coaches, accompanied by sports-specific training.  They’ll get to wind-down their daily training with mental conditioning and leadership sessions covering topics such as body language, maintaining a positive mentality and confidence, in addition to relaxing yoga classes and some free time at the pool.

To learn more about What’s Beautiful, and to get the latest on the Camp Sweat participants, visit Under Armour Women’s Web site by clicking HERE.

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