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IMG Academy women’s basketball program cross trains with lacrosse program

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The IMG Academy women's basketball program looked to learn from the lacrosse program on Thursday

The IMG Academy Women's Basketball program is committed to excellence. So much so, that throughout the spring they have taken to cross training with other sport programs on campus to learn new things to improve their game. This week, the ladies trekked over to the lacrosse field for some intensive work with lacrosse coaches Pat Haley and Jason Basso. Haley and Basso, the offensive and defensive coordinators for the lacrosse team, respectively, are coming off of a tremendously successful inaugural season. The lacrosse team finished the 2013 regular season with a dominant 11-1 record, and finished as one of the top-three scoring teams in the entire nation. Lacrosse and basketball have more in common than meets the eye, sharing similar philosophies with tactics, teamwork and communication. One player stood out above the rest, sophomore PG Barkha Sonkar

"It was really easy for me, because there are a lot of the same things as basketball, but before coming to IMG Academy I played cricket so it was natural," said Sonkar. "When we played man-to-man, in basketball when you fake, you just go for a basket, but in lacrosse, you fake and come back out before going for the goal."

During the regular season, the women's program was dominant in their own right, recording a 42-8 overall record, which included a 7-2 mark against junior colleges. The women's team has already worked out with IMG Academy's football coaches, and plans to work out in tennis, soccer and even water polo. 

Scenes from the women's basketball team training with lacrosse: 

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