Frequently Asked Questions

What does IMG Academy look for in a student-athlete?

IMG Academy looks for student-athletes who have a strong commitment to academics, athletics and personal growth. Student-athletes must be diligent in their school, sport and community duties, with a willingness to give their all in each area.

What is the Admissions process?

All prospective student-athletes must submit a completed application, including academic records and recommendations. Also, we strongly encourage all prospective families to schedule a visit of the campus through the Student-Athlete Advisor of their respective sport program. The visit might include a class shadow experience and meetings with Admissions staff, coaches and faculty.

Is the Admissions process competitive?

Absolutely. Each sport has a predetermined number of spaces available and IMG Academy classes are capped to maintain low student-to-teacher ratios.

How good do I have to be at my sport?

While each IMG Academy sport has different qualifications for participation, all of our sport programs share a common denominator in that athletic performance is not the determining frequently asked questions factor in acceptance. Most importantly, all prospective student-athletes are required to have a passion for their sport and a motivation to reach their full potential.

What is the minimum age?

It varies by sport: Baseball (age 11), Basketball (13), Football (11), Golf (8 for non-boarding, 11 for boarding), Lacrosse (14), Soccer (12), Tennis (8 for non-boarding, 11 for boarding).

What if a student-athlete gets injured?

If an injury occurs that keeps a student-athlete away from normal training and participation, they are transferred into the Injured Athlete Program (IAP). IAP places the injured student-athlete into the Athletic and Personal Development program, which will allow them to seamlessly transition back into their sport after rehabilitation and receiving a medical release for participation.

How do I apply?

For the fastest application processing, we reccomend that you apply online using The Standard Application.

When is the deadline for the 2014-2015 year?

There are various deadlines. Please refer to the dates listed on the application or contact us at or 800-872-6425.

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