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Now Accepting Applications

International Students

international student studiesInternational student studies at the IMG Academy is truly a global environment that attracts student-athletes from around the world – all looking to reach their true potential.

Last year alone, athletes from more than 80 countries trained and studied at IMG Academy. To ease their transition and prepare them for the next step in life, the IMG Academy University & Language Center’s (ULC) Intensive English Programs help non-native English speakers reach the same level of English-language proficiency as those for whom English is their first language.

“The personalized attention from the teachers for the performance of each student made the language barrier not a burden anymore. The entire academic team helped our daughter finish the year with good grades and proficiency with the English language.”
Jose A.P.Parent of an IMG Academy alum

International students have several options, depending on English proficiency and grade:

Elementary school 

Integrated Studies 

Delivered through the IMG Academy Elementary School, classes introduce and practice all areas of writing, reading, listening and speaking. 

Middle school

Integrated Studies

Delivered through the IMG Academy Middle School, classes provide a foundation for vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation development.

High School/Post-graduate

Intensive English

The IMG Academy prep school program offers an intensive English option for student-athletes who speak English at a beginner level, or for high school graduates from other countries who want to focus on TOEFL preparation. Designed to prepare student-athletes on F-1 student visas to succeed in U.S. education environments.

English Language Learner

For student-athletes who speak English at an intermediate level or above. Delivered through IMG Academy prep school program classes, student-athletes learn practical application through courses that increase in difficulty as the student becomes more proficient.

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