Social Responsibility

As part of the IMG Academy training methodology, it's crucial to develop more than high-performing student-athletes. We strive to develop leaders with a strong moral fiber who are models in the community.

Community Outreach

IMG Academy instills in students the importance of giving back. All IMG Academy student-athletes will be required to commit a set number of hours each academic year to community outreach.

Student-athletes are encouraged to explore ways that they can give back. In past years, student-initiated outreach efforts have included raising money for Free the Children (an organization that builds schools for children in India) and building houses for Habitat for Humanity.

Charitable organizations we work with:

Friends of Jaclyn

Josh FIsher suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a life-threatening pediatric illness. Through the Friends of Jaclyn, he is afforded the opportunity to become an honorary member of the Ascenders football team. Josh’s family says he spends the early part of his week chanting “I-M-G” and counting down the days until IMG Academy football games! As the first sport program to report to campus for the start of the school year, the football team had the opportunity to kick off this new relationship, but other sports are following suit. Read more about Josh's experience in our Latest Headlines.


Student Council

The IMG Academy Student Council serves as a leadership group to prvide a voice for the student body, while promoting self-confidence, leadership, teamwork and dedication. The Student Council:
- Works as a liaison between administration, faculty, department heads and fellow peers in an effort to make positive change and improvements to the campus
- Serves as an ambassador in welcoming new and prospective students
- Meets weekly with the Director of Student Services, Community Service Coordinator, Activity Coordinator and other department leaders to discuss upcoming projects, events, community outreach services, campus life and problem solving.

Student Ambassadors

Ambassadors not only act as an extension of the staff on campus but also act as representatives of the student body. Through their involvement with the Ambassador program students will elarn to live to a high standard and push themselves to be the best in all areas of campus life.

The Student Ambassador program was designed with the purpose of allowing students to be an extension of the staff through their involvement with various projects on campus. The projects in which an ambassador may help range from being a member of a panel discussion during open house weekends to acting as a liaison for campers during their stay.

Student Government

The Student Government is a student input group for activities, programs and new ideas for extra-curricular involvement. Students will meet once a week and may discuss any aspect of life within IMG Academy's community. This group will be expected to make reccommendations to IMG Academy's Administration.

Student Residential Advisors

Student-athletes are interviewed and selected for the honor of supervising student residences, participating in some staff meetings, running residence house meetings and receiving leadership opportunities that will be highlighted on their college applications.

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