Middle and Upper School Overview

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Our middle and high school programs prepare student-athletes for future academic success through a dynamic and creative curriculum, an experienced and engaged faculty and a schedule that balances athletic and scholarly demands.

Middle School

The IMG Academy Middle School program (grades 6 - 8) sets the foundation for student-athletes to excel in the high school program. The classes are challenging, creative and designed to inspire a self-driven desire to seek understanding and knowledge of the world through higher learning.

Core curriculum includes:

  • English, Grammar, Writing
  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry
  • General Science, Life Science, Physical Sciences
  • World Cultures I, World Cultures II, American History 
  • Foreign Languages: Spanish, French, Mandarin
  • Art 
It helped me prep for high school. I was prepared to go into school and work hard, expecting the level of success we needed to reach.”
Nandini D., IMG Academy student-athlete

High School

The IMG Academy High School program helps student-athletes develop the critical thinking skills and core subject foundation for success after graduation. Student-athletes learn in an independent, college-preparatory environment with flexible schedules, web-based course options and dedicated tutoring sessions. Proven techniques and philosophies, such as the Socratic Method and the Harkness Method, help build critical thinking skills. Our diverse and expert faculty promote creativity, independent analysis and discussion through a dynamic, project-based curriculum. 

Core curriculum includes:

  • English Survey, World & American Literature, Language and Composition, Fiction
  • Algebra I, II & III, Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Calculus
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science
  • World Cultures I & II, World & American History, Economics, Government, Politics & International Relations
  • Foreign Languages: Spanish, French, Mandarin
  • AP Studio Art


Class Breakdown

The English Department has three areas of focus: literary analysis and critical thinking; formal writing, with emphasis on literary analysis essays and research-based writing; and grammar, mechanics, and vocabulary building. The overarching goal of the English Department is to develop students into stronger writers and thinkers in preparation for college. In middle school, teachers will introduce students to a variety of texts, genres, styles, and writing opportunities to teach literary analysis and formal writing skills in preparation for upper school.

In high school, students go more in-depth with the four overarching literary genres: poetry, the novel, the short story, and the play. Further, students will prepare more rigorously for writing at the college level. Students will read, analyze, and write about a variety of texts across cultures, time periods, and genres.

The mission of the Mathematics Department is to prepare our unique population of student-athletes for success in college mathematics and future real-world applications of mathematics. The middle school program is guided by the Saxon series and utilizes a spiral approach in developing mathematical and scientific thought.

The high school program is a traditional series beginning with Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. These courses are designed for all students of all abilities and are the principal courses needed to meet the four math credit requirement for graduation. Students then expand and develop deeper mathematical thinking. In all courses, the focus of the Math Department is to develop, strengthen, and expand skills that encourage conceptual, abstract, and critical thinking in mathematics.

The Science Department strives to provide a current foundation in the elements of a scientific method, theory, applicability, and laboratory practice that will encourage the student to acquire an in-depth appreciation of the scientific enterprise.

We explore the key role of science in human endeavor and practice a problem-solving, hands-on approach that allows the IMG Academy student to observe, analyze, and apply solutions to the personal experience and progression to the global community.

The Social Studies curriculum offers core history subjects for grades six through twelve. Some of the major learning skills that students will encounter in their coursework are critical thinking, primary/secondary source analysis, problem solving, writing skills development, cause-and-effect relationships, synthesizing information, mapping skills, technology integration, researching, and oral/written projects. Students will relate the concepts and material presented to the world we live in and target examples in everyday life.

Consisting of Spanish, French and Mandarin, the Foreign Language Department emphasizes the teaching of language, literature, and culture of the subject area. Teachers are dedicated to increasing students’ oral and written fluency to enable them to interact with native speakers and to continue language learning beyond the classroom. Students are engaged through a wide variety of instructional resources and critical thinking activities that develop their ability to thrive in multicultural settings.

The Foreign Language teachers adhere to the 2011 Florida Next Generation World Language Standards for lesson planning and assess students using the four language benchmarks of speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

The Art Department is composed of three full-time art instructors and a rotating artist workshop series. Middle School Art is offered as an elective. High School Art is divided into four areas of study: drawing, design, painting, and printmaking. Both Middle School and High School Art courses are studio-intensive and encourage technical skill development, including two-dimensional applications such as painting, drawing, design, and printmaking.

To expand its offerings and exposure to three-dimensional art, the Art department hosts four to five artist run workshops throughout the year. Past workshops included glass-working, jewelry-making, wheel-throwing, and welding. Additionally, guest lecturers, photographers, graphic illustrators, and fashion designers, are routinely invited to speak about their work.

Both of my daughters received full scholarships to the University of Notre Dame, which I attribute to the instruction, motivation and inspiration received at IMG Academy.”
- Dick Vitale, Legendary Basketball Coach and Announcer

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