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Getting to know...Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu

Mohamed Sanu here at IMG Academy

Mohamed Sanu has recently declared for the NFL Draft foregoing his senior season at Rutgers, leading Sanu to Bradenton, Fla. here at IMG Academy. Here at IMG Academy, Sanu has proven to be a humble person while maintaining the proper “football swag”. Sanu is coming off of a career year with 115 receptions, 1206 yards and 7 TD's. Sanu is more than NFL ready at 6-2 and 215lbs show casing his skill set during his senior season that proved him to be nothing less than an all around stud at the wide receiver position. His game is in no way limited, Sanu is able to run short, intermediate and long routes while having very sticky hands, an innate ability to gain yards after the catch all while being more than able to go across the middle and getting physical.

Recently Sanu took time out of his twelve hour training days here at IMG Academy to sit down to allow an inside prospective on his path to draft.

Mohamed Sanu on…

…Growing up shuffling between New Jersey and his mothers home Sierra Leone of West Africa

“It was different than most, we travelled back and forth a lot with my mother being born and raised there, it was home to her. She came here to the U.S. to give birth to my brother, sister and myself to provide us with a better life and opportunity. I've been with my brother, sister and mother since I was born and am very close with my immediate family. My brother being older, I definitely go to him for advice as he is someone I can always trust. My mother and siblings have been and will continue to be a big part of my life.”

…Being only the 4th player to declare for the Draft early under Greg Schiano at Rutgers

“ I've spoken with Ray (Rice) a little bit, he basically told me to do what's best for you and your family and if you feel like you're ready and able to transition to the NFL then go and if not to stay and take that extra year to develop. In the end I felt like I was ready coming off of my most productive season yet.”

…Leaving Rutgers as the Big East all time leader in career receptions

“It means a lot, because I put a lot of work into the off season, practices and getting in extra film sessions to really excel as a student of the game. It's great to see all the little things that the public eye doesn't see pay off in the long run. It's special to me and only makes me want to work harder to prove myself at the next level and to let everyone know that I'm not a one year wonder. I want to prove from day one that I will consistently contribute as a wide out at the next level, by being reliable and productive as a teammate and establish my work ethic and preparation both physically and mentally each and every day.”

…Other sports played growing up

“I played basketball as a small/power forward and ran track and competed mostly in the 200 meter but also dabbled with the 100 meter, long jump and triple jump, also as a little kid I played a little bit of soccer.”

… Mock drafts projecting him to go to the 49ers and or Texans

"I would be happy and blessed to get the opportunity from either team to showcase my talents and skill set at the next level. I am excited to be a part of a team again period; I just want the opportunity to show I am able to perform at a high level day in and day out in each end every drill, film review, lift, practice, game and show I am able become a prolific receiver at the next level. I love the excitement, the game and am anxious for the opportunity to play with a group of guys that want the same thing that I do, to WIN. It doesn't matter what team drafts me, I just want the opportunity on a national level to show what I am about. The day I started playing this game as a child it has been my dream to play in the NFL, no matter the team I know each and every time I step off the field I just gave it my allwhether it was practice or a game , anything less and I wouldn't be content with myself.”

…Ability to come in and make an impact as a rookie in the NFL

"I feel like I can make an immediate impact, if I put in the necessary work, pick up the offensive system quickly and get the opportunity I believe I can step in and play right away. I have complete confidence in my ability to compete and play with anybody, I know it's going to take a lot of work but I know I will put thenecessarilywork in every day to establish myself in the NFL.”

… What two receivers he most sees himself as

“I really look up to Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. They are two great receivers who know how to play the game with class and respect the game in every aspect.

…An aspect about him most people don't know about

“I am a very family orientated person, I'd rather chill and relax with my family and close friends in my down time more than anything else.”

… IMG Academy NFL Combine Training program

“It is a great program; they have helped bring out the best in me with the workouts and mental conditioning. Physically and emotionally my training here with IMG Academy has helped me learn how to handle situations in the correct way. They have really helped me learn how to approach each day of training and I really owe a lot to IMG Academy as they have helped me become a lot better since arriving here.”

… Mental conditioning specifically here at IMG Academy

“It has definitely prepared me day in and day out to work hard, and has allowed me to open my eyes to everything I am doing. It has allowed me to realize what to focus on and what not to focus on. I don't look at certain things as deep as I used, and have increased focus on things I might have overlooked in the past. I have really gained a good grasp in understanding things a lot better on and off the field and putting it all together.”

…Strengths of his game

“I feel I can catch any ball, run any route, make any play and I am able to line up at any position.”

…Weakness of his game

“I have none. I don't feel like I have any, I try to work on the fundamentals of things everyday and I try to get better at each aspect of what I do each time I step foot onto the field.”

… First response to

Favorite athlete of all time- Walter Peyton, Michael Jordan and Michael Johnson (couldn't just name one)

Favorite cooking- Italian Food, and Mom's cooking

Favorite movie- Rush Hour 2... hands down

Favorite clothing brand (outside of workout gear) - Polo Ralph Lauren

Favorite sports team (outside of Rutgers)- Yankees

…Why an NFL GM should draft Mohamed Sanu

“Because you wouldn't make a mistake, you will get a complete receiver who will come into every practice, lift and review session with a determined work ethic on top of my talents and skill set.”

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