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Now Accepting Applications
Now Accepting Applications

2-Week Tennis Camps

Youth tennis camps at IMG Academy: We believe it is crucial for tennis players to establish the correct fundamentals at a young age to facilitate development in their teenage years. The IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program’s 2-Week Summer Tennis Camp for ages 10-12 is the perfect environment for young tennis players of all skill levels to learn the proper way to play the game and lay the groundwork for success in the future.

By attending for two weeks, youth tennis players can experience everything that the IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program has to offer without having to leave home for an entire summer. A comprehensive approach to training that includes tactical and technical instruction and drills, as well as training with Athletic & Personal Development program experts will help any player start down the road to success.

Camp Options: Tennis Only || Tennis+ESL ||

The 2-Week Summer Tennis Camp includes a Core training program that includes all elements of tennis instruction plus group physical conditioning and mental conditioning with Athletic and Personal Development specialists, with the ability to upgrade to the TOTAL ATHLETE training program.

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Tennis Camp Details:

  • Ages: 10-12
    • Dates: 2014 summer camp dates available soon
    • Remember, if these dates don’t work for your schedule, you can also customize your stay by bundling multiple weekly camps together!
  • 4:1 camper-to-coach ratio
  • Daily: 2.5 hours of on-court training, 2 hours of match play, 1 hour of physical conditioning
  • Weekly: 2 hours/week of mental conditioning, 3 hours/week video analysis in the “Mission Room”
  • Weekly evaluations on Monday that separate campers into groups based on skill and age, with the ability to change groups based on performance
  • Weekly “Game Day” that features fun tennis competitions to win prizes
  • Social activities are available in the evenings, and off-campus trips (with chaperones) are taken on the weekends to amusement parks, beaches and other great Florida destinations.

Tennis Camp Benefits:

  • On-court session with Nick Bollettieri (based on availability)
  • Personal attention to pinpoint areas of improvement
  • Increase technical skill, match play, strength, speed, and overall athletic ability
  • With over 90 different countries represented by our student population, training at IMG Academy is the multi-cultural experience of a lifetime!
  • Multiple-week Advantage - Maximizes improvement and is the greatest camp value

Tennis + ESL Classes

Need help with your English? Work on your game while becoming more comfortable speaking, writing and understanding the English language. The program consists of a half-day core tennis camp plus 3 hours per day of Intensive English classes.

All lessons are customized for small-group sessions to focus on what each student needs. Each day consists of classroom and lab work that enhances listening, grammar, reading, pronunciation and overall conversational skill.

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youth football camps

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