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5-Week Camps

Want a half-summer of camp to prep for your next season? Looking to catch up on high school classes, start taking college courses, practice for the SAT or brush up on your English? With multiple options: five weeks of camp only or a combination of camp + high school classes, SAT prep classes, ESL classes or TOEFL prep classes, the IMG Academy Bollettieri program's 5-Week Summer Camps can get you ready for the next school year. Five-week camps are the ultimate progressive training experience and one of our most-popular camp options.

Camps: Camp Only 

The IMG Academy Bollettieri program's 5-Week Summer Camps are for players of all levels to experience on-court drills and match play, video analysis, match strategy sessions in the "Mission Room" and sport-specific Physical Conditioning and Mental Conditioning led by Athletic & Personal Development program experts. All campers receive five weeks of the core camp with the ability to upgrade to the TOTAL ATHLETE or GAME CHANGER summer camp. 

Players will train under the guidance of our
world-class coaches and get the chance to compete in two on-campus Grand Prix tournaments. With 4:1 player-to-coach ratios, you'll receive personal attention from our world-class coaching staff. No other summer camps in the world can deliver this caliber of instruction in one week, so come train, compete, study, and have fun this summer at IMG Academy!

Summer Camp Details:
  • Ages 8-19
  • Dates:
    • Sunday, June 7 - Saturday, July 11
    • Sunday, July 12 - Saturday, August 15
    • Remember, if these dates don’t work for your schedule, you can also customize your stay by bundling multiple weekly camps together!
  • 4:1 camper-to-coach ratio
  • Entry into 2 on-campus Grand Prix Tournaments per five-week camp (entry fees not included)
  • Daily: 2.5 hours of on-court training, 2 hours of match play, 1 hour of physical conditioning
  • Weekly: 2 hours/week of mental conditioning, 3 hours/week video analysis in the “Mission Room”
  • Weekly evaluations on Monday that separate campers into groups based on skill and age, with the ability to change groups based on performance
  • Weekly “Game Day” that features fun competitions to win prizes
  • You also have the option to train for a half-day while taking high school classes, college courses, English Language Learner courses or SAT prep classes to help you academically while you evolve athletically. See below for more information on our Camp and Education programs!

Sample Daily Schedule

8:30-9:30amPhysical Conditioning
9:30am-12:00pmOn-Court Drills
2:00-3:00pmTOTAL ATHLETE Program (If applicable)
3:00-4:00pm*Mental Conditioning
4:00-6:00pm*Match Play

*Schedules for campers registered for any academic programs (SAT, ESL, High School, TOEFL) will have those classes Monday-Friday from 1:45-4:45pm. 

Summer Camp Benefits:
  • A month-plus of expert instruction, match play and social activities, while having fun with other athletes from around the world.
  • You can work on your game while improving your grades, working on college credit, becoming more comfortable with the English language or preparing for the SAT's.
  • With over 90 different countries represented by our student population, training at IMG Academy is the multi-cultural experience of a lifetime!

Camp and Education Summer Camps

The comprehensive schedule over a five-week period allows a player to experience first-hand what it’s like to be an IMG Academy student-athlete.  It is designed for campers who need to accomplish necessary tasks for school, while also wanting to have fun and improve their game.  The schedule includes training in the morning and class work in the afternoon with the weekends free to enjoy the surrounding attractions and experience the IMG Academy campus. Options:

5-Week Summer Camp + SAT/College Prep

College admission is more competitive than ever before. Just as you wouldn’t enter a competition without practicing, you shouldn’t take the SAT or ACT without knowing exactly what you’ll encounter on the test. 

The SAT/College Prep class is taught for four hours per day in small class sizes. It covers all the SAT/ACT topics including Algebra, Geometry, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Rhetorical Writing, Current Events and Writing and Style.

5-Week Summer Camp + English Options

IMG Academy offers two options for our international participants who wish to improve their English and their sport at the same time. 

  • Academic English/TOEFL Prep + Camp:  For participants age 15-19 who wish to prepare for an exam in their home country or for entrance into an American university.   After a half-day of training, participants will study reading/writing, academic test preparation and practice,  sample TOEFL exams,  and develop their advanced English skills. 
  • English as a Second Language/ESL + Camp:  For participants 13 – 19, a half-day of training and a half-day of fun English activities focusing on vocabulary development.  Fun interactive activities are combined with field trips and weekly vocabulary/grammar units on topics of general interest such as sports and recreation, food, health, the environment and travel. 

These programs are designed for visitors to the United States and no I-20s are issued for these programs. For more information on our Camp + English options, CLICK HERE.

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