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IMG Academy soccer program U-18 Men team vs. U.S. U-17 Men National team

Adrian (IMG Academy) scores 1-0 goal

This past Saturday the U.S. under 17 Men National soccer team matched up against the IMG Academy soccer program under 18 Men team in a scrimmage. This makes the second time within a week that one of the U.S. National teams has scrimmaged with IMG Academy soccer program to see how they measure up in preparation for the 2012 year.

With the U.S. U-17 Men National team having residency on campus, it only aids IMG Academy reputation and status as one of the premier places to train for soccer in North America.

Said Coach Dean:

“The great thing about the National team having residency on campus is that it always fosters an elite competitive environment, which is one of the key components of success for our Academy.”

IMG Academy soccer program was also represented on the U.S. U-17 National team as current IMG attendee Remington Pimm was called up to play with the U.S. National team for the scrimmage. This speaks to IMG Academy ability to consistently produce elite soccer players that are able to transition to D1 college teams, U.S. National teams and successful careers as professional soccer players.

As the IMG Academy team went up 1-0 midway through the first half and then 2-0 midway through the second, the game did end in a tie at 2-2. The game was competitive and beneficial for both sides in gaining valuable experience against such privileged levels of competition.

Said Coach Dean:

“Whenever we come out to play and who ever we play our mindset is to win. We jumped out to a solid lead at 2-0 in the second half but our midfield did not control the ball as well as the norm, which lead to bad defensive situations for us. Overall I am happy with our effort and look forward to continued improvement this spring.”

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