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Golf Technology

Golf technology is an important compliment to the passion and expertise of our coaches. We integrate technology into our training methodology to empower our athletes and help them perform at an elite level. The golf technology utilized by the IMG Academy golf program includes:

V1 Video Technology

For the last 16 years V1 has been the most preferred video analysis system in golf.  It allows students and campers' golf swing video to be viewed and analyzed so technique can be improved.  Comparisons of swings can be done side by side, with a model swing or before and after student swings.  The new V1 iPad and iPhone app means swing can be recorded and analyzed instantly by the coach, even while on the course.  V1 provides the opportunity for students to video their swing and send to their coach via the internet, no matter where in the world they are.  Coaches can send back internet video lessons with faults and fixes visually but can also include drills and verbal instructions.


Trackman is the #1 choice for ball flight analysis by golf’s leading authorities: the PGA Tour and R&A.  At IMG Academy we utilize two Trackman doppler radar machines to get the most accurate information on club and ball flight data for our students.  Trackman has the ability to measure club and ball flight three-dimensionally in real-time and give data that can be used to improve technique, clubfitting, and test equipment.

Gatorade Sports Science Institute

golf technologyIMG Academy and Gatorade - both pioneers in their respective fields - have partnered in helping athletes during their journey to become more. Since 2011 the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), located on the IMG Academy campus, has offered athletes who train on campus a way to gain an edge over their competitors. In its first year, the GSSI lab at IMG Academy tested more than 400 IMG Academy athletes of all ages and skill levels.

As one of only three facilities in the world (Barrigton, IL and Loughborough University, U.K.) scientists from GSSI use their expertise in sports nutrition and exercise performance, along with the data gathered in the lab at IMG Academy to help student-athletes better understand how their bodies work, the importance of nutrition, and, ultimately, how to perform at their best.

IMG Academy student-athletes will undergo the same tests given to some of the world's top athletes, including Eli Manning, Dwight Howard, Landon Donovan, Hope Solo, Misty May-Treanor, and Dwyane Wade.

Motus Performance Analysis

Founded in 2010, Motus' mission is to help athletes reach their maximum performance potential and reduce their risk of injury through state-of-the-art sport science technology. The main biomechanics research lab rests on the IMG Academy campus, making it a prime location to work with elite professional and developmental athletes and coaches across a wide variety of sports. Motus has also developed strong partnerships with world-renowned clinical research groups such as the American Sports Medicine Institute, various professional sports teams, and other technology firms such as Microsoft and FusionSport.

As a student-athlete or camper you can sign up for a Motus performance analysis -- a state-of-the-art motion capture technology utilized by MLB teams like the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals. Utilizing 3D motion capture, the testing can help identify areas of improvement in power, coordination, flexibility and other key elements of performance. For more information or to schedule an appointment during your camp, email

Vision Training

One of the seven disciplines of the Athletic & Personal Development program is Vision Training. As with other forms of exercise intended to improve athletic performance, Vision Training enhances an athlete’s visual abilities. Vision Training often increases strength in the muscles of the eye, the endurance of these muscles and improves communication between the brain and the images captured by the eyes, thus improving the speed and efficiency by which an athlete can process the information that they see.

Vision Training with the technology offered by the IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Developement program enhances hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, reaction time and depth perception. Then, using seven exercise protocols (Visual Alignment, Concentration, Visual Memory, Visual Accommodation, Saccadic Eye Movement, Dynamic Visual Acuity, and Eye Hand Coordination and Reaction), students are educated on how to apply their training into their prospective sport.

golf technology

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