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Jose Higuera and Eduardo Urdaneta, IMG Academy Golf Athletes of the Week: July 30th - August 3rd

Jose Higuera wins the Athlete of the Week award presented by Gatorade.
Jose Higuera wins the Athlete of the Week award presented by Gatorade.

Every week at least one athlete from each sport will earn the Gatorade “G Standout Award”/IMG Academy Athlete of the Week for displaying Heart, Hustle and Soul, and exhibiting a true desire

to reach their true athletic potential.

The IMG Academy Golf winners of the Gatorade “G” Standout Award/IMG Academy Athlete of the Week Award are…

Jose Higuera and Eduardo Urdaneta


Age: 8

Hometown: De, Mexico

Best advice received: Never give up no matter what.

Favorite part of IMG Academy: The variety of food at the cafeteria.

Best athletic accomplishment: Scoring a game winning goal in soccer.

Favorite subject in school: English

Favorite Band/Musician: LMFAO

Eduardo Urdaneta wins the Athlete of the Week award presented by Gatorade.


Hometown: Venezuela

Favorite Athlete: Adam Scott

Favorite Part of IMG Academy: Everything is great, especially the different types of people.

Favorite Golf Course: River Strand

What have you learned: How to treat other people and some warms ups that's good for the body.

What will happen when you return home: Have a rest but miss IMG Academy a lot.

Other Sports You enjoy: Soccer

These players has displayed Attitude, Concentration and Effort on a daily basis and have received recognition by our coaching staff. Our coaching staff strives daily to deliver Quality Instruction within a Competitive Environment and provide all of our summer camp athletes with the Opportunity to fulfill their individual athletic potential. Athleticism, Strict Discipline, High Work-Rate, and a Winning Mentality are the minimum expectations. Congratulations to Jose and Eduardo, who have excelled!

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