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What it takes to.....

Petur Petursson 2009 Graduate
Petur Petursson 2009 Graduate

What it takes to....

Train at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy

I have to be organized. A day here at DLGA is not a normal or typical day. The days are longer and tougher than most. I have to stay focused....and I can never give up. There aren't many stops along the way - I have a lot to fit in a day. I have to be accountable for my own game.

Know my own game

I have a blueprint...a plan of improvement. I am working on shallowing out my divots by having a shallower angle of attack. So I have a weaker arm position at address with both arms, taller posture (with more upright clubs), shaft more neutral at address (I use to have a forward press) and more level shoulders at address. I continue to work on how my shoulders work in backswing.

To get better

I make sacrifices. I live away from most of my family and I have had to adjust to living in a new country. I work on my fitness. I believe a golfer has to have stabilization, balance and strong legs. I believe in eating right...nutrition is important.

To be the best

I need to practice harder and smarter than the next guy. Perseverance!

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