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IMG Academy soccer program girls program visits Brazil!

IMG Academy soccer program in Brazil

This week, 20-plus girls from the IMG Academy soccer program will tour and train in Brazil -- one of the world powers in soccer. Haley Talbot of the IMG Academy soccer program is keeping a journal during the visit:


We have arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil after a long 9 hour flight from Miami. These next few days we are staying at a sports spa with beautiful fields, pools, and facilities. While some call the rooms small, there is no doubt that the close- quarters will help us all to bond as a team. There was a certain degree of culture shock upon our arrival as the language, food, and currency posed important learning lessons about travel and Brazil in general.

After spending our first morning walking through the campus and passing time by the pool, we had our first practice session. The fields are in top condition and we have been told that pro teams train here before their seasons begin. At 4pm we had our first game against a very skilled, quick Brazilian team from Sao Paulo. We all battled various degrees of jetlag and sore muscles, but overall we played well. The final score was 1-1 after an early goal from the other team in the first half. We made twenty new friends from the other team after singing, dancing, and exchanging jerseys and Facebook profiles at the end of the game.

Needless to say we have been enjoying the experience here in Sao Paulo, and we are looking forward to some cultural trips, futsal, and a match tomorrow night!

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