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IMG Academy golf program student-athlete breaks Vision Training record

Vision Training at IMG Academy is a program that is very easy in raising the challenging, fun and competitive side of athletes -- not to mention extremely effective in developing hand-eye coordination and other key vision elements. Since the program's inception, we have been recording the best scores attained over the course of training, whether it be who has the fastest eye movement speeds, ability to track moving targets, speed of thought and decision-making etc. Our leader board has proven to be a great way for athletes to realize there is always more that can be done and how training can improve visual abilities.

Just recently we have had a long-standing record broken on the Dynaboard, an eye-hand coordination and peripheral training exercise that stresses speed of thought, reaction and decision making. Thomas Garnier a golfer from Guadeloupe has been gunning for some time to get his name on our leaderboard. In the video below, Thomas shows tremendous speed and endurance, as he breaks the 3-minute record by striking 350 lights, that is an average reaction time of .52 seconds . His fastest reaction time was . 33 seconds. To put this in perspective, the average human makes decisions in about .20 of a second.

Thomas still to this day yearns for more records, even though he still has 2 other records to his name. He has struck 553 lights in 5 minutes on the Dynaboard, and currently can track moving targets on our rotary pursuit exercise at a speed of 22. The maximum speed is 32, Thomas had started at level 12.

Well done Thomas!

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