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IMG Academy basketball program adds duo from Alaska

Tyler Talmadge

4,775 miles. That's the distance Tyler Talmadge and Danny Clark traveled from Anchorage, Alaska to Bradenton, Fla. to enroll at IMG Academy and chase their dreams of playing college ball.

The duo explained that while there are teams, divisions and state tournaments in Alaska, the level of exposure is almostnonexistent. If a student-athlete wants to play college ball, they'll have to make the move, which for these two meant IMG.

"I wanted to hone my skills and become an overall better player," said Talmadge. "That way, if a college wants me, I'm ready to go."

"I'm here to work harder and get better at basketball," added Clark. "Just like any kid, I'm here to go after a dream."

In addition to its dedicated coaches and world-class facility, IMG isunparalleledin its off-the-courttraining, which includes mental and physical conditioning, vision training, nutritional guidance and leadership development. The Athletic & Personal Development program prepares athletes mentally and physically for a future in college basketball by providing both individualized training and team-focused activities.

“The IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development program was really hard at first because I didn't lift back home and I had to catch up to everybody,” Clark said. ” But I've gotten a lot bigger and stronger since then. From a basketball standpoint, I also understand the game a lot more; I'm a lot smarter.”

Life before IMG

Talmadgeattended Robert Service High School in Anchorage where he played as a guard. He graduated this past May and aspires to play in college. Although Gonzaga is his dream school, he lives for the sport and would love to play on the west coast where he can be relatively close to home.

Clark completed his first three years of high school at East High School in Anchorage where he played as point guard. Clark joined IMG Academy his senior year and will return as a post-graduate in 2012.

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