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Nick's Picks from the 2nd round of the US Open

Maria Sharapova VS. Lourdes Dominguez Lino

Lino is 5'4, 31 years old and is ranked 78th. She has a one handed backhand and an extreme western forehand with heavy spin. One of her strengths is her movement but she only has a fair serve.

She does not come in much, mainly because she stands 6 to 8 feet behind the baseline.

Maria is Maria, she only knows one way to play the game. She stands very close to the baseline and hits the tar out of the ball. Yes, at times the serve may falter but her mind takes over and tells her to get the next ball in the serve box.

Nick's Pick- Sharapova

Kim Clijsters vs Laura Robson

Laura is getting much more steady especially from her forehand side, she has added a little spin. She is lefty and her strong points are her serve and her darn good 2 handed backhand. Footwork shows improvement but it must be a main part of her training program.

Kim is Kim, this is her last major tournament. She is off the wall competitive, she has an excellent lower body foundation and this gives her fantastic movement.

Nick's Pick - This will be a great match. Kim takes this one.

Alize Cornet vs Petra Kvitova

Alize is ranked #50 with a career high ranking of #11 in 2009. She is 5'8 and is very athletic with excellent movement. She is tough on herself but she never gives up. Her forehand is shaky and prefers to play from the baseline. She hits with heavy spin and her two handed backhand is very steady.

Pretra is a big 6 footer and only 22 years old. Her serve can win her outright points and its double tough being a lefty. She is totally aggressive with both her forehand and backhand. She is very dangerous when balls are above her shoulder. Errors do come in bunches.

Nick's Pick - Petra must stay focused and stay within herself. She has to much firepower, she will take this one.

Victoria Azarenka VS. Kristen Flipkens

Kristen has a two handed backhand but slices far too much. She is from Belgium and is 26 years old. She had to qualify, she has a big heart but is small in size.

Victoria Azarenka, what can you say about her. She is ranked No. 1 and plays like it. She is a huge hitter with a very powerful forehand. She is not afraid to come in and will stare you down. She can do it all.

Nick's Pick - Azarenka takes this- but be careful, w hen you are supposed to win be careful and focus at all times.


Steve Darcis vs Stanislas Wawrinka

Steve has consistent groundies and is very patient. His backhand is darn good especially being one handed. Serve is consistent but under pressure it gets soft.

Wawrinka is 6 foot tall and built like a bull and playing some of his best tennis. He has pretty darn good serves and a huge forehand. One of the best one handed backhands. He will be looking to play long points but sometimes he gets anxious and misses. Serves out wide most of the time to both sides. InCincinnatihe served 140 MPH.

Nick's Pick- Wawrinka in 4 sets

Andy Roddick VS Bernard Tomic

It is really strange to see his ranking be so low but he has played much more offensively this past month. He is using his top left hand on his two handed backhand plus he has added a much longer followthrough around his non hitting shoulder. He has moved closer to the baseline and is not hitting so many slices. Please notice that he has spread his feet when serving.

Tomic is a big boy standing at 6'5. Believe me when I tell you that even though you might think he is taking a nap, BEWARE! His forehand is flat and dangerous but at times he must get a little lower and hit deeper with a little spin. He has a huge serve and moves pretty darn well for a big guy.

Nick's Pick - I suggest you all watch this match, it will not go just 3 sets. Andy is not a young man and I am sure it hurts him not to be well into the top 10. He has one of the very best coaches in Larry Stefanki. This open will be a huge test for Bernard and I know he is aware that this is his chance to show the world.

Who do you think will win this match? Get back to me in the comments with your results.

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