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Alabama football

Moawad's expertise contributes to two National Championships

IMG Academy Trevor Moawad celebrates with the Crimson Tide Director of IMG Performance Institute, Trevor Moawad has followed his late father's footsteps helping further develop a nascent area of training for athletes in mental conditioning. Traditional athlete...

Trevor Moawad gives Alabama mental edge

Trevor Moawad, director of the Athletic & Personal Development program, has been working with Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide football team since 2007. His unique outlook on the mental aspects of the game give Alabama the mental edge over their...

Nick Saban talks Trevor Moawad and mentally conditioning his players

In his weekly radio show Alabama's Head Football Coach, Nick Saban, sat down to answer questions about the direction and philosophy for his nationally recognized football team.Trevor Moawad (white jacket) on the sidelines as Alabama won the 2009 National...

IPI's Trevor Moawad: mental expert

Athletic & Personal Development program Director Trevor Moawad is a mental conditioning expert whose knowledge has been called upon by many top athletic programs in the nation. This work included helping the University of Alabama football team during their...


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