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Blaine Bott

Andrew McCutchen's MVP-Caliber Season Started with Offseason at IMG Academy

Without question, one of baseball's most surprising teams this year has been the Pittsburgh Pirates. After long stretches of losing seasons, the Pirates have resurfaced this season as one of the best young teams in baseball. Perhaps the biggest reason for their...

Baseball workout plan from the Athletic & Personal Development program

Cable Squat Rotational Lift (1)Blaine Bott, Athletic & Personal Development program performance specialist, uses these exercises to develop athletes ranging from high school to MLB veterans. Baseball is a power athlete's sport that requires players to generate...

Ian Desmond talks to Washington Post about IMG Training

Washington Nationals shortstop, Ian Desmond, has spent part of his offseason training at IMG Academy alongside other major leaguers looking to get a jump start to their 2011 season. Desmond is looking to continue to make improvements this year after winning the...

Athletic & Personal Development program: Rotational Progression Video Series

In the latest installment of the Athletic & Personal Development program's video series, IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programstrainer Blaine Bott demonstrates six different moves to improve your rotational progression. These exercises include...


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