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Larry Sanders Expanding His Game - HOOPSWORLD

Check out this article about IMG Academy basketball program alum, Larry Sanders. Sanders is entering his second year playing in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks. He has been training and working hard during the lockout at IMGand is more than ready for next season....

Coach Mike Moreau posts column on Hoopsworld

Dwight Powell and Coach Mike MoreauCoach Mike Moreau, Director of the IMG Academy basketball program, had his most recent column posted on Hoopsworld.The topic of this installment: Steve NashFrom a coaching standpoint, you watch a player like Nash and ask, "How can...

Moreau chats with the masses on HOOPSWORLD

IMG Academy basketball program director Mike Moreau spent some time yesterday chatting with readers of HOOPSWORLD about the recent draft, free agents, the most disappointing defensive players in the NBA... and a host of other topics.Check out the chat here.

Macri hosts new weekly chat session

Coach Anthony Macri, Recruiting Coordinator and Player Development Specialist at the IMG Academy basketball program, will start hosting a weekly chat event tomorrow at Macri's chat will run from noon to 1 p.m. each Friday through the NBA Playoffs....


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