Now Accepting Applications
Now Accepting Applications


I AM...Cal McKim

I am competitive and hard workingI wonder who I'll becomeI hear people say what they want me to hearI see myself living a successful happy lifeI want to play baseball at a good collegeI am competitive and hard working-I believe in strength in numbersI feel healthyI...

I AM...Jake Busiek

I am respectful and responsibleI wonder where I'm going to be in the futureI hear people say that I am a good kidI see myself going to a four-year school and playing baseballI am respectful and responsible-I believe that people think positively about meI feel that...

I AM...Will Shanahan

I am hard working and independentI wonder about my futureI hear people say I have made many improvements to myself since AugustI see myself as a great baseball playerI am striving for high goals and have high expectations-I believe I can go far in baseballI feel I...

I AM...Bryan Srock

Bryan SrockI am determined and trueI wonder where I will be in the futureI hear people say "he can" and "he can't"I see myself playing baseball as a careerI want to play in the MLBI am determined and true-I believe in myselfI feel energeticI think outside the boxI...


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