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Now Accepting Applications

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IMG Academy basketball program Forward Bernado Guitron Commits

IMG Academy basketball program senior Bernardo Guitron has committedto Adelphi University. Head Coach Vince Waldendescribes Bernardo as "a tough,hard nosedkid. He is the perfect example of a true team guy, just someone with a lot of character".Bernardo expressed...

IMG Academy Leadbetter golf program Golf Course Management video series

In this six-part series of instructional videos, IMG Academy golf program instructor Kevin Collins will show you how to properly manage the golf course throughout various situations. Tee Box Shot Selection Approaching the Green Using Range Finders Being your own...

Instructional golf video series: Trouble in the Sand

In the newest set of sport training videos from IMG Academy, you will learn how to properly hit a ball from various bunker positions from IMG Academy golf program instructor Grant Price. Hitting a Plugged Ball Downhill Bunker Lie Uphill Bunker Lie Fairway Bunker...


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