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Now Accepting Applications

IMG Basketball Academy

IMG Academy basketball program competes on-the-web

One of our split squad HS teams is competing on the web today at 9:00a (game already in-progress). The game, part of the NACA Tournament in Tennessee, can be viewed on the player below:

Even more on Russell Westbrook

A scouting breakdown of Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Russell Westbrook by Coach Thorpe for

Which is the better NBA rookie, Rose or Westbrook?

Our own David Thorpe offers his answer to that question in his latest article. For Coach Thorpe, Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook and the Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose are at the top of the heap. In Thorpe's own words:The two explosive point guards are now...

Weekly Thorpe Chat

Coach David Thorpe, executive director of the Pro Training Center at the IMG Academy basketball program, engaged his weekly NBA chat at on Wednesday. Read his chat by clicking HERE.


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