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Now Accepting Applications


Athletic & Personal Development program:Intense Circuit Training

Whether you are attending IMG Academy for a week or a year, the Athletic & Personal Development program will definitely get your heart rate up and make sure you leave here an improved athlete. Wednesday afternoon was no different for the folks training in the...

Athletic & Personal Development program Builds Caracter

The Athletic & Personal Development program, known around IMG's campus as IPI, definitely builds character. In this case, it literally molded the 6"9 frame of Derrick Caracter into a new type of athlete. With the help of nutritionists and performance...

Mizzou Athletics developing a "comprehensive approach" at IMG Academy

The University of Missouri Athletic Performance staff is always striving to raise the level of Mizzou Athletics. Last year they identified their need to improve on movement training techniques. This year their objective is to, in the words of Assistant Athletic...

Hacket CC star Mac Simotes at IMG, soon to be Bulldog

Mac Simotes, senior shortstop for Hackett Catholic Central in Hackett, Michigan, was recently at IMG Academy training for his collegiate baseball career. We had a chance to sit down and talk with him about how he got to where he is and how he plans to get where he'...


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