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Now Accepting Applications


Watch this: iVision training tip

Here's your IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programstip of the week from David DaSilva:David DaSilva is a Mental Conditioning Coach and iVision Specialist at the IMG Academy Performance Center.

New Athletic & Personal Development program video!

Check out a new promotional video by our new videographer Jonathan Glancy.

IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsCombine program/ Mitch Petrus featured in Arkansas News

iVision Sensory BoardThere is more than just weight-lifting that goes into preparations for the NFL combine. A recent article in the Arkansas News featured some of the unique exercises included in IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsprogram,...

Sitting down with...NDSU football's Pat Paschall

In the months leading up to the NFL combine, several collegiate football players will spend time at the Athletic & Personal Development program preparing themselves for the rigors and pressure of the combine, which will help determine how high or low a player...


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