Now Accepting Applications
Now Accepting Applications

Pendleton School

'Still Working'

Summer is coming to an end but the work is never done in the Performance Institute. Walking up to the doors of IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsyou can here faint sound of a whistles being blown, a mass of kids counting out repetitions, and...

'Down but Not Out'

Going from being a future sure fire NFL draft pick to barely being able to walk Sean Smalls of the Hartford Colonials takes us through his injury, his struggles and working his way back to the League.Sean SmallsSean Smalls was a very promising college star for the...

"It's Awesome Baby!"- Vitale's Visit to IMG

If you know college basketball then you have heard a rare form of over the top energy and enthusiasm by one man. He has coined terms like "Diaper Dandy" (an outstanding freshman), a "PTPer" (a prime time player), "Maalox Masher" (the end of a close game), "...

'Back to Brooklyn'

Brooklyn is New York City's most famous and populous borough. Their is no shortage of talent that flows out of Brooklyn from art in the form graffiti, culture in the form of the various ethnicity's and especially sports in the form of legends.Jair Bolden @ IMG in...


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