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Now Accepting Applications

trevor anderson

'Still Working'

Summer is coming to an end but the work is never done in the Performance Institute. Walking up to the doors of IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsyou can here faint sound of a whistles being blown, a mass of kids counting out repetitions, and...

Andre Milan's Perfomance Shouts That He's Better Every Day

Andre Milan and Performance Specialist Trevor Anderson show off their matching "Better Every Day" bracelets. Better every day.That's the mantra Andre Milan lives by; a mantra adopted from his Performance Specialist Trevor Anderson."It's a saying I have. I put it on...

Players Join Forces For A Good Cause

Muscles, endurance and athletic ability are not the only things that are built-up in IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsat IMG Academy but friendships and bonds of brotherhood form as well.Players @ "Cornerback Connection" Celebrity Basketball...

'Cleveland Rocks'- D'Qwell Jackson of Cleveland Browns Trains @ IMG

Ohio is the birth place of all things grand. Grand actors , grand films and grand establishments like the famous "Millionaire Row", people like Neil Armstrong, and films like 'Air Force One'. The common thought all 'Clevelanders' share is 'be grand'. The reason for...


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