Cashless Card System


  • How do I access/register for my account?

    For those looking to register for an account. Get started here.

    For students who have money currently within their SMS account, all funds will be transferred to your ID card and new account with CBORD. 

    If you are looking to monitor transactions and/or deposit additional funds, please download the GET mobile app on iTunes and Google Play to register for an account. 

    For cardholders with a $0 balance, simply download the GET mobile app and register for an account. Once completed, members will have access to deposit money any time – day or night.

  • What if I’m a parent, grandparent, or friend looking to deposit money into a cardholder's account – Can I do so?

    Yes, you can. Thanks in part to the GET mobile app, friends and family can deposit money into a cardholder's account simply by downloading the app and connecting it to the identification number on the card. 

    For parents, family and friends that have more than one student attending IMG, the GET mobile app allows for multiple accounts to be registered to your app. 

  • Can I monitor transactions and purchases through the app?

    Yes. Once your registration is complete, the app’s home screen provides multiple features including monitoring transactions including purchase history and verification of amounts in addition to finding a location that accepts IMG Academy ID cards.  

  • Can I use my ID card off campus?

    This feature is coming soon! CBORD will be working with vendors and retailers located around our campus in hopes of providing multiple locations where our IMG Academy ID card will be accepted.