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Why Give?

The Student-Athlete Foundation has just been established and will only be considering financial aid requests when sufficient funds have been contributed.

Why give to the Student Athlete Foundation?

“There is no way I would be where I am today, on or off the golf course, without the scholarship help that IMG Academy was able to provide to me.”
Paula CreamerLPGA Pro

Without your gift to the the Student-Athlete Foundation, some of the world's greatest talents would not be able to experience the IMG Academy Difference. 

The IMG Academy Difference

IMG Academy is committed to providing an inspiring, dynamic and multi-cultured environment where our students of all ages and ability levels have the greatest opportunity to attain their goals, learn life lessons, reach their full potential, and most importantly, enjoy themselves while chasing their dreams. We help develop young student athletes so that they are confident and prepared for the challenges that sport and life may bring their way.  Our students are equipped to handle success and adversity, as well as to be leaders and positive role models. To accomplish this, it takes a team of well-qualified individuals in multiple areas and disciplines all working together with the best interests of the students as their primary focus. It is this concerted effort to instill quality attributes and lead student-athletes down the right path that differentiates IMG Academies from all of our competition across the world.

  1. Experienced, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable staff. Our coaches are full-time employees who have worked with many of the top athletes in the world. We don’t have contracted coaches or part-time employees; we have people with hundreds of years of combined experience that can provide you with the coaching you need to improve your game! IMG Academy as a whole has placed hundreds of coaches into the college and professional ranks with many making the trek back to Bradenton as means to continually hone their skills and to find out the latest breakthroughs in sports training and athlete development.
  2. One-stop improvement shop. Nowhere else in the world can you find elite, sport-specific instruction and the following elements to help you become stronger, faster, healthier, more confident and more focused:
        •    Performance training
        •    Strength and speed training
        •    Nutritional analysis and consultation from a staff led by PhD’s
        •    Mental Conditioning from a staff led by PhD’s
        •    Team building
        •    Communication Training
        •    Media Training
        •    Physical therapy facilities and services
        •    Regeneration including sports massage, hot tubs and cold baths
        •    Athletic training facilities and services
        •    Life skills training
        •    Vision Training

    Not to mention you can attend a private school with a college prep curriculum and/or gain college credits.

    IMG Academies offers everything the aspiring athlete, the junior, collegiate, adult and professional athlete needs to be successful.
  3. Progressive training camps. You have the option of coming for a weekend, 1 week, multiple weeks, full summer or an entire year. Over 30+ years, we have found that the longer a student-athlete stays and builds upon what they learn, the more improvement they find. We will change your game, change your mind and change your body!
  4. A balance of performance and core-sport training. We know that in today’s competitive environment, you have to be extremely well-rounded to succeed. We have specialists that focus on physical conditioning, mental conditioning, nutrition, athletic regeneration, vision training, communications training, college advantage and life skills.
  5. World-class facilities. Sitting on a 400-acre campus, IMG Academy is built for performance excellence. It’s any athlete’s dream training grounds. No other place can compare, including:

    Olympic training centers – Our training facilities are larger and broader in scope

    Top Universities / Professional organizations
    – Our facilities are not geared towards the fan experience, but rather athletic improvement. Courts have cameras, fields are designed to maximize training, our the physical conditioning room is massive (12,000 sq. feet) and the entire facility utilizes the most up-to-date training technology.

    Other Sports Academies – There is no comparison, most rent space at a public facilities…
  6. A track record of not only building champions, but placing student-athletes in the world's top colleges. From Maria Sharapova to Andre Agassi, Freddy Adu to Paula Creamer, and the next generation of stars like JR Murphy and Dwight Powell, we know what it takes to produce top athletes. We are even more proud of the fact that we also place over 90% of our full-time students at some of the best universities in the country.
  7. Elite sport AND education. We have our own on campus private school (IMG Academy at IMG Academy) and a branch of the University of Miami that delivers college level classes as well as intensive English classes that is completely geared towards the training student-athlete. We understand to prepare a student-athlete for college or for life that it is going to take more than correspondent courses and independent study classes. It is critical that students learn what it takes to be successful student-athletes. Too often training programs and coaches think an athlete needs to choose between athletics and academics. At IMG this is not the case.
  8. Year-round on and off-campus activities. We have an entire department, as well as a student government, that focuses on campus activities as well as student growth opportunities. Whether that is a dance, talent show, fashion show, live concert, on campus festival, getting involved with local charities to get community service hours, we do it. We also are located strategically near some of the world’s top beaches, theme parks and culturally minded communities (Sarasota) and we organize trips and events often!

    We work hard at making sure that while our student-athletes and visiting athletes are at IMG Academy they have a well-rounded experience. We expect a lot of our students during their training hours, and feel it is critical to ensure we focus on making sure they have other enriching opportunities.
  9. Unmatched on-campus competition. When it comes to competition, variety is important for individual and team growth. No matter our sport, we have a mass of students that allow for an unparalleled amount of competition no matter your age or ability level. We have some of the best players in the world that call IMG home, and they provide an environment that is inspirational and motivating.
  10. Inspiring and global environment. When you step on the campus at IMG Academy, you will feel your energy level rise. Imagine a campus, a student body, a staff that is completely dedicated to improvement. Common goals, common interests, common sacrifices and common experiences bring students and staff from around the world together in one place – IMG Academy to truly RISE TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Gifts to the Student-Athlete Foundation may be made securely on-line, through Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice.  To make your gift now please click the following link: