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IMG Academy Headlines

One shot was all Carlos Tercero needed

Torcero after making his first hole-in-one.

There was a slight breeze at IMG Academy Golf Club, as IMG Academy golfer Carlos Tercero placed the dimpled ball onto the tee.  Tercero, looked 160 yards down the fairway to his goal, the pin. It was tucked to the right of the green. He judged a 5-iron to give the necessary distance for the shot. He couldn’t have been more spot-on.

He could tell he hit the ball well, and as it made its descent to the green, a glimmer of hope sparked in Tercero’s eyes. The ball bounced on the green and began to roll, seemingly destined for the hole. Tercero could only watch as the ball dropped in the hole for a hole-in-one, Carlos’s first! A small celebration ensued. Tercero immediately went over to pick up the ball to ensure it wasn’t an illusion. Although young in his golf career, Tercero will have hole No. 8 at the IMG Academy Golf Club forever etched in his memory.