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No days off for IMG Academy trainees Anthony Costanzo and Mark Herzlich

IMG Academy
NFL stars Anthony Castonzo and Mark Herzlich do the human overhead press at IMG Academy

The offseason has begun for 30 NFL teams who fell short of the ultimate goal of playing in America’s most popular sporting event – The NFL Super Bowl. Many players view the offseason as a time to go on vacation or take a break. However, that is not the mindset of NFL athletes and IMG Academy trainees OL Anthony Costanzo of the Indianapolis Colts, and LB Mark Herzlich of the New York Giants. The players were teammates at Boston College, and arrived together at IMG Academy to participate in the NFL Combine Training Program. Now, both players have returned to get a jump start on their offseason training.

“I’m looking to get a good kick start, and get into a routine that I can carry through the rest of the offseason,” said Costanzo. “This is my first true offseason, because I was here working hard during my rookie year for the combine.

He continued, “Last year I had a surgery, so I was rehabbing the entire time. This year I have a full offseason and I want to take advantage of it.”

Both players have fallen in love with the atmosphere at IMG Academy, which is why they continue to come back. There is warm weather, excellent training facilities and hundreds of athletes in different sports all working toward the same goal.

Herzlich remarked, “I love the attention we are given here—no matter if we are here for a week, or for a month, there are always people who care about your well being and how you perform.”

“This place isn’t about always getting the biggest and best star, it’s more about taking whoever comes here and making them a better athlete. That’s why I love it, and that’s what makes it superior to other places,” Herzlich continued.

Costanzo and Herzlich returned during a special time of year on campus. The IMG Academy NFL Combine Program that Costanzo and Herzlich participated in two years earlier is in full swing once again. Being alumni of the program, they often give advice to the current trainees about how to achieve their goal of playing and succeeding in the NFL.

Costanzo concluded, “Put in everything you have [to give] everyday here, because it’s a heck of an opportunity, and to blow it would be terrible.”