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Chasing the Dream: Ian McCauley

Tim McCauley
Ian McCauley, on his way to another training session in snowy Germany.

In August 2012, IMG Academy soccer player Ian McCauley was invited to Germany for a soccer trial with 3rd Division Bundesliga team, VLF Osnabruck. It was meant to get McCauley on the radar for scouts and coaches, but by the fourth day, the club was impressed enough to invite him to stay and play for their team.

By invitation, McCauley returned to Germany this week to begin training with VLF Osnabruck once again.

McCauley is chronicling his experience over the next week through daily journals.

Day 1:

Day 2:

It was an exhausting day.  Still exposed to jet lag, I went on to train at 6:45 P.M.  It was the coldest weather I have ever played in, but I had to take the pain and get on with the game.  I played an age group up with the under seventeen, and the experience was unbelievable. The players are not only stronger and faster, but they all think of the game one step ahead.  This lets them know where the ball is going before they receive the ball. 

The type of style that they play is amazing, always keeping the ball on the ground and possessing the ball.  All of the guys on the team are very friendly, and they make me feel like I am part of the team. The coaching was very different in the clubs here.  The coaches will let the team do the drill, and they do not say a word until the players change or until a water break.  But when the coaches do say something, they are very firm in how they speak and are very specific. This showed me that there is a whole different level of soccer and all you need to do is give it your all.