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Chasing the Dream: Ian McCauley

Tim McCauley
Ian McCauley after another full day of training with VLF Osnabruck.

In August 2012, IMG Academy soccer player Ian McCauley was invited to Germany for a soccer trial with 3rd Division Bundesliga team, VLF Osnabruck. It was meant to get McCauley on the radar for scouts and coaches, but by the fourth day, the club was impressed enough to invite him to stay and play for their team.

By invitation, McCauley returned to Germany this week to begin training with VLF Osnabruck once again.

McCauley is chronicling his experience over the next week through daily journals.

Day 1
Day 2

Day 3:

The experience Germany has given is incredible. There are many new things I have learned from being here. Also the IMG Academy Mental Conditioning Program has payed off for me.  The freezing temperature here is absolutely crazy.  Being in Mental Conditioning has helped me learn how to deal with these type of situations.  Today was a difficult day for me on the soccer aspect. 

I first went to training with the under sixteen team again, but there was a little change.  Today we had to run the practice with different physical necessities.  At the end there were two long races around the olympic track. One of them consisted of running around the track four times and the last lap had to be a sprint. The other one consisted of having two partners, and there would be a relay.  Luckily, I won both of these events, which was surprising in the cold weather.  Then right after the practice, or conditioning, I went to play with the under seventeen team.  We played a different style of possession, which was very fascinating.  You really have to be at thevtopmofbyour game because these players are so good.  One mistake and it is easily noticed.  We then went through set plays and other drills to end the practice.  This day was by far my hardest one yet, but it was a very fun one as well.  Can't wait for tomorrow!!