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Chasing the Dream: Ian McCauley

Ian McCauley training with German club VLF Osnabruck

In August 2012, IMG Academy soccer player Ian McCauley was invited to Germany for a soccer trial with 3rd Division Bundesliga team, VLF Osnabruck. It was meant to get McCauley on the radar for scouts and coaches, but by the fourth day, the club was impressed enough to invite him to stay and play for their team.

By invitation, McCauley returned to Germany this week to begin training with VLF Osnabruck once again.

McCauley is chronicling his experience over the next week through daily update journals.

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:

Day 5:

Today was definitely by far the most exhausting day, and it was the best to me.  I started off having another traditional German breakfast.

 Then I went into the city where I met my dad, and we were together for most of the day.  For lunch, I had the Turkish Pizza, which is lamb inside a pita with other fillings. It was AMAZING. Then I went to the professional locker rooms and checked the facilities. It was very different from other places. 

Then came practice with under seventeen’s, and I was somewhat tired already from the running. At first, we played 5 vs. 2 as we do the beginning of every practice.  Then we went into combination plays, which were very creative.  Right after the combinations, we went into running again.  It was exhausting but helpful.  We have to sprint 40 yards 6 times and then get in a group of three and juggle.  If we dropped the ball juggling, we had to do pushups. We had to do that whole series four times, and it was tiring! Then we had some fun to end with a game. We played 4 vs. 4 to goal, and it was not only really fun to play, but it was by far the most tiring 4 vs. 4 I have ever played.

 The intensity and quickness of the game was extremely fast, which is what made it fun. That was my last practice and the best one too. I had a fantastic experience and hope to come back soon!  One thing I will remember always is that every team has their own locker room, where they go into before they train. The whole team changes and they wait for everyone before they leave the locker room. Also, every person that walks in the door is greeted by every team mate.   They even greet the parents and bystanders on the sidelines.  The team here is so united, and I think that is why they are really a step ahead of everything!