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IMG Academy NFL Combine trainees use Trigger Point to gain a competitive advantage

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Tim Childers further educates NFL Combine Trainees on Trigger Point

Everyone knows that NFL stands for the National Football League, but many players will tell you the acronym means “not for long.” This refers to the fact that the average career of an NFL player is only about three years. Many times these short careers can be accredited to injuries that could have been avoided had the players taken a proactive approach through athletic body management, one of the seven disciplines taught within IMG Academy’s Center for Athletic and Personal Development. IMG Academy coaches and trainers are very aware of this problem and have taken the necessary steps by implementing Trigger Point Performance Therapy into the NFL Combine Training curriculum. Trigger Point produces premium mobility tools and educational programs to empower athletes to be able to take care of their own bodies, prepare for movement and maintain healthy range of motion.

The more than 40 aspiring NFL players training at IMG Academy follow a strict training regimen that requires them to lift for multiple hours, six days a week. Players employ Trigger Point before and after their workouts to enable them to effectively handle the daily workload. According to Tim Childers, Director of Fitness for Trigger Point, “After using Trigger Point, players talk about how much lighter, looser and quicker they feel.” The timing of the results can vary, but many users say they have felt results immediately after a ten-minute session. Childers visited IMG Academy this week to further educate the NFL combine trainees on Trigger Point’s methodology.

Trigger Point can help players prepare for any event they may face at the NFL Combine – from the 40 yard dash to the bench press. Players who use Trigger Point are able to reduce their traditional stretch time. Additionally, this unique form of point-performance therapy maintains tissue elasticity, fluidity and function.

“Trigger Point is an educational platform and product distribution company focused on providing innovative self-care solutions. The daily load placed upon the bodies of these athletes is incredibly demanding; they need to be empowered to take care of themselves. We typically find that the second contracts NFL players receive are better than the first and we want to help them get to that second contract” says Cassidy Phillips, founder and CEO of Trigger Point.

Phillips developed the therapy as a way to combat the muscular deterioration due to a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia. Through intensive biomechanical analysis of athletes, Phillips determined that most injuries developed by athletes do not happen while they are training, and that the traditional aches and pains of aging can be minimized by addressing everyday biomechanical and muscular structure while walking, sitting or standing. With the assistance of Trigger Point, Phillips himself has now completed Triathlons and Ultra Marathons and continues to be an avid weekend warrior.

Today, the unique, targeted therapy aids not just NFL players, but also professional athletes in the NHL, NBA and MLB, as well as Olympians, tri-athletes and cyclists. At IMG Academy, youth, collegiate, professional and adult athletes across all sports rely on Trigger Point to prepare for workouts and improve strength and flexibility. Beyond high-performing athletes, Trigger Point has been recognized in podiatry offices as an unconventional yet effective soft tissue solution for plantar fascia pain and other foot dysfunctions. Additionally, the therapy is recognized and has been implemented by many doctors, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists to compliment treatment for knee pain, lower back pain, IT band issues, and more. For additional information, visit