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Catching up with IMG Academy student-athlete Christina Wang

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Christina Wang came to IMG Academy for her senior year and earned a spot with the Boston College ladies golf program

Christina Wang came to IMG Academy from China to improve her golf game and play out her senior year. Her goal was to get accepted into the college of her dreams. The 17-year knew it would be a challenging transition, but with the help of her friends and coaches, Wang has excelled on and off the golf course. She is now set to play collegiate golf with Boston College, her No. 1 choice. We caught up with Wang to discuss her time at IMG Academy, why she chose Boston College, her love of the Harry Potter franchise and much more!

Christina Wang on…

…on her coach Kevin Collins
I appreciate his help both with my golf game, and applications [to colleges]. I had a lot of tests last semester and one tournament, and he helped me adjust to the schedule.

… choosing Boston College
When I came here I had a few options, and my parents and Coach Kevin helped me to find the best fit for my golf game and education.  I knew Boston College is a very pristine university, and it is one of my dream universities. My parents and grandma told me about it, and when I told them I was going to Boston College they were so excited about that. [Boston College] Coach [Drew] Kayser provides a very good golf program, so I’ll be able to continue to study, as well as [develop my] golf game. I was so impressed with the kindness of the teammates and coaches there, and it’s a beautiful campus

…challenges on coming to IMG Academy for one year.
You have a lot of things to do senior year, especially SAT, school starting, the TOEFL exam and playing in tournaments. So the fall semester is really busy, but I finished the SAT and was accepted to Boston College.

…how IMG Academy is helping  the transition to college.
I heard from some of my friends that the life in college is pretty much the same as IMG Academy. You practice in the morning, and school in the afternoon. It has really helped me prepare for the college life, and because I’m getting used to the schedule I can work on my time [management].

… competing with teammates at IMG Academy.

Actually, I’m more interested in myself. I analyze my stats, and push and challenge myself instead of worrying about others. But I enjoy playing with some of my friends. We’ll make a little competition because IMG Academy has a very good putting and chipping green so we can make some “one-chip, one-putt” [competitions].

… the people at IMG Academy.
The coaches and my friends helped me get used to life here. I’m really going to miss this place when I go to college. Symba [Xu] and Phoebe [Zhao] are my best friends. I really enjoy practicing and studying with them. Phoebe and I practiced together in China before, and I met Symba here.

… interests outside of golf.
Swimming or table tennis. My mom is really good [at table tennis], but I’m not. I just have fun with it. I also go to movies with my friends. The last one was Harry Potter. I read all of the books - the last one in English, the rest in Chinese. I really want to go [The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios]. I went to Universal Studios over winter break, but it wasn’t Harry Potter World.

… her favorite golfer
Tiger Woods.

… her major.
I don’t know yet. I’m interested in psychology, but I think business is a popular major at Boston College, but we’ll see.