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IMG Academy Headlines

Trainers wrap up another successful IGNITE 360 Sports Performance Mentorship at IMG Academy

Another successful IGNITE 360 Sports Performance Mentorship at IMG Academy wrapped up recently. Six participants attended the four day training session. The program started off with a tour of the beautiful 450-acre campus, and was followed by a variety of training sessions throughout campus. The trainers were able to get behind-the-scene looks of what makes IMG Academy one of world’s leading multi-sport training facilities.

The participants had the opportunity to get special look at what the IMG Academy coaches and trainers do on a daily basis, and got to tap their extensive knowledge while gaining hands-on experience. The coaches in attendance included the likes of world-renowned speed coach Loren Seagrave; head athletic trainer Patrick Tanner; and many other experienced coaches and trainers.

Trainers had an opportunity to see what it takes to make a great athlete and maximize potential. Carolyn Richards of Pine Grove Athletic Club expressed how she loved this aspect of the program and plans to apply it, saying, "It was amazing to see what IMG Academy does to produce top world-class athletes.  It is a fabulous program and gave me a variety of experiences I can apply to my business."

Seeing IMG Academy’s trainers in action was beneficial for all participants. Owner of Quest Performance, and previous mentorship participant, Holly Merrell, really appreciated the helpful insight the mentorship provided. Marrell stated, "The IGNITE 360 Mentorship Course put me in a position to learn from some of the greatest minds in the performance training community.  I was able to learn and ask questions that will help me to develop strategies that I can apply when training my clients."

The trainers immersed themselves in the IGNITE 360 Sports Performance Mentorship program. Spending time behind-the-scenes of IMG Academy’s world-renowned training facilities and getting hands-on experience alongside trainers who have worked with elite youth and professional athletes from around the world rewarded each trainer an experience of a lifetime.