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Lacrosse players from Japan choose IMG Academy to develop their game

IMG Academy
Kohsuke Kubota, Toshio Nakamura, and Kazuki Terada trained at IMG Academy last week

IMG Academy is one of only two places in the world that integrates field and box lacrosse training, and this innovative approach is beginning to gain international attention. The lacrosse program offers camps year-round, featuring high-level tactical and skill development that offers players new ways to attack the goal and enhance their conditioning. Last week, three campers came all the way from Japan to Bradenton, Fla. to attend camp.

Kohsuke Kubota from Nara, Japan; Toshio Nakamura from Kyoto, Japan; and Kazuki Terada from Kyoto City, Japan all arrived to take part in a one week lacrosse camp at IMG Academy. The players have been taught many new things, and have been eager to learn the entire time.

“Toshio, Kazuki and Kohsuke were all great in camp this week, and they came in with solid fundamentals of the game, and were eager to learn some of the higher level stuff we teach our Academy team,” said Jason Basso, IMG Academy lacrosse coach. “I wish we could add these guys to our team.”

Although the trio only stayed for a one week, they were given the same resources that are available to the IMG Academy lacrosse team that trains here year round.

Basso continued: “They all worked extremely hard at every session, which is exactly what we try to instill in all of our campers and full-time Academy players. They strive for perfection, and because of that, they were extremely coachable. They truly enjoyed learning the complexities of the game of lacrosse.”