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IMG Academy chooses SPRI Products for NFL Combine Training

IMG Academy
Notre Dame's Manti Te'o training with a SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball

The NFL Draft is right around the corner, but earlier this year, each of the athletes had to prove their mettle at the NFL Combine. Three of the most critical tests at the Combine are the 40-yard dash, bench press and the vertical jump - drills that help scouts evaluate strength, speed and power - which is where SPRI comes into play.

“SPRI is both pleased and proud to be the preferred provider of exercise equipment for the IMG Academy NFL Combine Training Program,” said Greg Niederlander, SPRI’s Director or Product and Program Development. “The same excellence that these elite athletes strive for goes into each and every SPRI product, built to withstand the rigors of the highest level training demands that directly impact players’ strength, speed, power, and agility.”

Throughout the seven week program, each of the trainees powered through a rigorous workout schedule comprised of five weekly weight lifting sessions and four speed sessions. To give the athletes every edge possible while training, IMG Academy provided the players with the best training accessory equipment available with SPRI Products.  The trainees utilized a variety of SPRI equipment, including Superbands, Braided Lateral Resistors and Xering’s during their dynamic warm-up in order to activate specific muscles for the day’s lift or movement session, helping to increase athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

All IMG Academy NFL Combine trainees used SPRI Superbands during strength training sessions that focused on heavy compound movements, such as the squat or bench press. The bench press test is one of the most important evaluations, as the number of repetitions performed provided valuable insight into the overall strength of each athlete.  The squat is an essential movement to build speed and power, and as a result, better results in the 40-yard dash time and vertical jump.  During dynamic workouts, SPRI Superbands were attached to the bar for the bench press and squat, forcing the players to focus on controlling the weight during the eccentric (downward) phase and driving the bar throughout the concentric (upward) phase of the lift. The more the trainees were able to control the weight, in conjunction with the speed at which they were able to move the bar, had a direct correlation to the number of reps they performed on the bench press, their 40-yard dash time and their vertical jump.

Additionally, SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball’s and Elite Xercise Ball’s were used throughout all workouts to warm up and increase core strength, while teaching the players to control their bodies throughout the variety of physical tests at the NFL Combine.  Without a strong core, a player’s physical tests would have suffered.  Alongside the more popular tests, players underwent stringent functional movement evaluations in which core strength was essential. SPRI Products were utilized throughout a wide variety of exercises during the IMG Academy NFL Combine Training Program, and the the trainees were able to walk into the NFL Combine with a distinct sense of confidence as they realized their training, and the SPRI Products used throughout, had given them a noticeable advantage.

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