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IMG Academy Headlines

Kathryn Violette of Japan wins the IMG Academy Basketball Gatorade G-Award Week of July 8

Every week at least one athlete from each sport will earn the Gatorade G-Award/IMG Academy Athlete of the Week for displaying Heart, Hustle and Soul, and exhibiting a true desire to reach their true athletic potential.

The IMG Academy Basketball winner of the Gatorade G-Award/IMG Academy Athlete of the Week Award is Kathryn Violette from Japan.

How long have you been playing basketball for? 

I have been playing basketball for five or six years.

Who is your coach?

My coaches were Coach Shell Dailey, Coach LaKita Ford, and Coach Alyssa Mann.

What is your favorite thing about IMG Academy and why?

I like how they make us work our hardest every day.

Do you have any pre-game rituals that help you prepare for a big game?

I make sure that I am not too cocky and I listen to music.

What professional athlete inspires you the most?

For guys, I like Rajon Rondo. For girls, I like Maya Moore.

What is your favorite thing to do after you win a game?

I like being with my team and maybe going out to dinner.

What motivates you to push through a tough practice?

I think that after this I will be better, and when it gets easier I can push myself to do something more.