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Mitchell Mapes of San Diego, Calif. wins IMG Academy Lacrosse Gatorade G-Award Week of August 12

Cindy Yu
Mitchell Mapes of San Diego, Calif. wins IMG Academy Lacrosse Gatorade G-Award Week of August 12

Every week of camp, IMG Academy selects the Athlete of the Week sponsored by Gatorade. The honoree is bestowed the G-Award in recognition of the athlete who displays Heart, Hustle and Soul, and exhibits a true desire to reach their true athletic potential. 

The IMG Academy Lacrosse winner of the Gatorade G-Award for the week of August 12 is 15-year-old Mitchell Mapes from San Diego, Calif.

How long have you been playing lacrosse for?

I've been playing lacrosse since I was in fifth grade.

Who are your coaches?

Coach Patrick Haley and Jason Basso.

What are your favorite things about IMG Academy and why?

My favorite things about IMG Academy are getting better as an athlete and becoming a better player in the game. IMG Academy teaches you a lot of stuff when you're here and gets you ready to become good for college. A lot of high-end athletes come here to learn so it's a great privilege to be here.

What professional athletes inspire you the most?

Rob Pannell and Mikey Powell inspire me the most. Rob went to Cornell. He's a really good attackman and he's shifty. Mikey's the same position as I am. I just like how he plays and it is similar to how I play too.

Do you have any pre-game rituals that help you prepare for a big game?

I've always visioned myself doing something because my dad told me that's what Michael Jordan used to do. I vision myself before to see what I'm going to do and then it ends up happening in the game and works.

What is your favorite thing to do after you win a game?

After I win a game, I like to relax because I'm usually really beat after a game. I like to watch TV or play videos and basically do whatever I can to sit down and cool off.

What motivates you to push through a tough practice?

I know that deep down inside this is what I like doing and that if I'm going to be playing at a higher level, it's going to be even more intense than this so you just have to fight through it.