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Dymatize Nutrition gives IMG Academy trainees in the Pre-NFL Combine/Draft program the extra edge over the competition

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Former Notre Dame DT Stephon Tuitt chronicles his path to the NFL Draft with FOX Sports while he trains at IMG Academy

At the NFL combine, experts from around the world will be examining athletes for every strength and weakness, to help determine how athletes will compete at the next level. Using a variety of tests, athletes are examined for physical strength, power, speed, and endurance, as well as body composition. IMG Academy has studied the NFL Combine in great depth, and examines every opportunity to give athletes that extra performance edge. One way IMG Academy provides that extra edge is by teaming up with Dymatize Nutrition to provide nutritional supplements proven to give athletes the competitive edge.

What Skills and Attributes are Tested at the NFL Combine?

In order to fully appreciate the supplements IMG Academy gives to athletes, tests administered at the Combine must be discussed. Teams have accumulated years of data, and use normative values to predict how well an athlete will perform in the NFL. Those who fall above the norm for their position are predicted to have a greater chance for success, while those who fall below are less likely to succeed.

Body composition and Weight

Athletes competing at the NFL Combine will be strut across the stage in compression shorts, weighed and measured for body composition using Pod-Bod analysis. Thus, it is critical that athletes arrive in Indianapolis, the site of the annual event, at the proper weight and body composition.

Strength, Power, and Explosion tests

Every snap in the NFL lasts only for a few seconds. Accordingly, athletes are tested for this using a variety of drills including the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, cone drills and shuttle run. In order to thrive in these drills, athletes must be quick, strong, and explosive. Muscular Endurance

It is often said that games are truly won and lost in the fourth-quarter. When athletes begin to wear down, the best-of-the-best keep going. To test this, athletes must bench press 225-lbs for as many reps as possible. Considering that many athletes in the NFL can bench upwards of 300-400-lbs, this is a test of muscle endurance.

Recovery from Exercise, Injuries and Sickness

Nothing can be more debilitating to an NFL combine trainee than soreness, as well as bouts of injuries or sickness. Therefore, athletes need great recuperative abilities. With this knowledge, several Dymatize Nutrition Supplements are given to IMG Academy athletes, depending on their specific goals, and training needs. These supplements include Branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs), glutamine, and fish oil.

BCAAs for Peak Body Composition, Strength, and Exercise Recovery

Most athletes know that proteins are important to grow big muscles. But research has demonstrated that out of the 20 amino acids that make proteins, three in particular are responsible for stimulating growth – leucine, isoleucine, and valine (the BCAAs). Research shows that supplementation with these amino acids helps to stimulate muscle growth and favorably alters body composition to promote lean muscle gain and fat loss! Furthermore, these amino acids help to abate soreness and hasten exercise recovery so athletes are ready for their next training session.

Creatine for Peak Strength and Explosive Power

The body uses a number of different energy pathways to create “ATP” the body’s fuel source. Any activity which lasts 10 seconds or less is primarily dependent on the ATP-Creatine Phosphate energy pathway. Of course, this involves almost all football movements including sprinting, jumping, and pressing movements. Consequently, research has demonstrated that creatine can improve muscle size and exercise performance including jumping, sprinting, and bench press strength.

Beta-Alanine for Elite Endurance

All athletes are familiar with the “burn” from exercise. This is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle during exercise, and is a strong inhibitor of exercise performance. Research shows that the body uses the amino acid beta alanine to form a peptide called carnosine, which potently inhibits acids from accumulating in muscle. In fact, supplementation with beta alanine has been demonstrated to improve bench press endurance by multiple repetitions, and to decrease the athletes feeling of fatigue during exercise.

Glutamine, and Omega 3 Fish Oil for Peak Health

Athletes, like all people get sick. In this case, glutamine is supplemented. Glutamine is one of the primary fuel sources of immune cells, and supplementation with this amino acid has been shown to abate further risk of sickness and infection in elite training athletes.

Athletes are also supplemented with Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil. This is an essential nutrient that helps to fight injury and inflammation, and also promotes leanness.

In summary, IMG academy uses Dymatize Nutrition Supplements to maximize NFL combine athlete’s peak strength, power, endurance, health, and body composition. This extra edge is just what it takes to go from the college level to the pros.