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Parent/Guardian Resources

For parents and guardians especially, this can be a challenging process and one that can have lasting impact. While it is the opportunity of a lifetime, it is also a limited opportunity. IMG Academy is the largest and most prestigious multi-sport training facility in the world. Over the past 32 years, we have trained some of the greatest athletes of all time. We are very unique, with a size and scale that have no equal. We believe the term “performance” is very broad. It’s athleticism. It’s character. It’s career. It’s education. We have specialists in every area committed to making sure your athlete is ready for the NFL Combine and/or their Pro Day. In addition, we have 5 full-time college advisors dedicated to helping any pre-combine athlete complete his degree if desired. We can offer internships through universities in sports management, sports marketing, communications, and recreational management for those who want to complete their academic requirements at the same time they prepare for the NFL Draft.

Your son is an athlete with his own unique characteristics. College coaches, sports agents, high school coaches, former teammates, alumni at his school – they will all have opinions and those opinions will come from their perspectives. Each individual is unique. What the Athletic & Personal Development program can promise is that we are in the business of successfully developing all aspects of the athlete. We are a living and breathing 450 acre sports Utopia where our athletes have everything they need right here on campus. Our staff are innovators and extremely credible in their spaces. We encourage you to research and discuss your options with a variety of perspectives. We look forward to being a part of this process.