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Athletic And Personal Development Academy Program

training methodology

Training Methodology - The Seven Disciplines

  1. Mental Conditioning: Builds the mental skills – including confidence, focus and determination – that help athletes reach their goals and compete at their best on any given day.
  2. Physical Conditioning: Develops sport-specific strength, power, movement, speed, agility, flexibility, and conditioning. Delivered in a 10,000 square-foot weight room, covered turf area and a four-lane composite/turf track.
  3. Nutrition: Optimizes personal nutrition to meet highlevel lifestyle and sport demands, with topics including optimal everyday nutrition, eating plans to meet sport-specific demands, body composition, energy balance and body weight issues, dietary supplements and hydration strategies.
  4. Athletic Body Management: Helps reduce the potential of injury and promotes continued healthy through massage, physical therapy and corrective exercises.
  5. Vision Training: Develops an athlete’s eye muscles and visual system to enhance hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, reaction time and depth perception.
  6. Life Skills: Teaches athletes the skills and characteristics that develop high-performance habits in both sports and life.
  7. Leadership Training: Helps develop personal presence, communication skills, character building, accountability and conversational skill to provide more guidance and stability as a leader.